Palm City Auto Lube & Services

The DiTerlizzi family has been serving Palm City and the motoring public since 1990, offering a full service automotive facility, with a Pennzoil 10 minute oil change, Convenience store, and retail gasoline and diesel station.
Their fully trained technicians take pride in performing each job honestly and timely.
The Quick Lube offers quality Pennzoil products for your car, SUV, light truck, diesel truck, and motor home.
The Full Service oil Change includes Pennzoil Oil, Pennzoil oil filter, chassis lubrication, checking and filling all under hood fluids, interior vacuum, and filling your tires to the proper air pressure.
Other services available are as follows:
  • Transmission Flush and Service
  • Radiator Flush and refill with new fluid
  • Wynn's Fuel System Cleaning and Service
  • Wynn's Oil System Cleaning and Service
  • Rain X Wiper Blades
  • Ozone Odor Control Treatment
  • Diesel Oil Change Service
  • Propane / LP Gas Refill Station
At Highway Tire and Auto;
  • Complete Auto & Truck repairs
  • Tire Sales, Rotation, and Repairs, and Service

Don't let the tank fool you.

Unlike those tank exchange locations around town, we offer a full 20 pound canister for $13.29 versus an 18 pound canister for $2.00 - $3.00 more. The tank may look the same at those other retailers but YOU get shorted two pounds of propane. The total cost difference is up to $5.00!
As usual, we will only charge you for the amount of gas it takes to fill the tank!
Hours of Operation
Mon - Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm

REC 90 Non-Ethanol Gasoline

We are happy to announce that we have replaced 93 octane ethanol enriched gasoline with 90 octane premium non-ethanol gasoline.
Non-Ethanol gasoline is used in vehicles and equipment that can not use Ethanol enriched products. Boats, Cars & Trucks, RV's, Lawn equipment, ATV's and a host of other vehicles will benefit from non-ethenol gas.
As usual we continue to have up to 10 percent ethanol in our regular and mid-grade gasolines. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs.

Avoiding the Ethanol Blues

If your boat's engine runs on gasoline, then you need to be careful how you put your fuel to bed for the winter. These days, most gasoline you buy at a gas station or fuel dock comes with 10 percent ethanol, which can cause problems if stored for months, especially if the temperature is changing. Ethanol is hydrophilic - it attracts and holds water. Small amounts of water will be burned in the combustion cycle, but ethanol can only absorb so much water. When it becomes completely saturated, phase separation occurs, and the corrosive ethanol-water mixture sinks to the bottom of the tank. If the engine is run, this mixture can damage seals, O-rings, injectors, and other delicate engine parts. The upper "gasoline" layer will be depleted of ethanol and have a reduced octane level, which can also cause engine problems. Leaving your tank half full for the winter can greatly increase the problems. First, there is more room in the tank and less fuel, which means more surface area for condensation formation and less ethanol to absorb the resulting water. Second, cycling temperatures from warm to cold also increases the amount of condensation. Finally, ethanol cannot absorb as much water at low temperatures as it can when it's warmer, so the gasoline will phase separate more quickly in colder temperatures. So what to do? If you can empty your tank completely, you should do so. If not, add stabilizer and fill it most of the way, leaving room for expansion and contraction of the gasoline.


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