Amermac Tire Truing

Why True A Tire?

Tires are made from perfectly round molds, but they don't always stay round after they are mounted on the rim.

That's because most rims aren't perfectly round. When the tire is mounted to the rim the wheel hops and causes the vibrations.

Highway Tire and Auto is pleased to be affiliated with Amermac Tire Truing and Balancing equipment. The RIGHT tool for the job.

The tire is custom fitted to the wheel just by removing a TINY amount of excess rubber. Removing that small amount of rubber to achieve a round wheel. A round wheel wears more evenly and provides more tire mileage.

You'll get 25% to 35% more tire wear and eliminate front end wear damage and make the car safer!

Let us custom mate your four tires and wheels by truing and balancing each tire-wheel assembly for the following valuable benefits:
  • Maximum Tire Mileage
  • Smoother Ride
  • No destructive vibration to front end parts.
  • Safer driving without vibration.
Ameremac truing equipment provides you the highest quality service available. The increase in your tire mileage will more than cover the modest costs.

Enjoy the smoothest ride you ever had.

Let us show you that a round tire outwears a bouncing tire!

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Tire Trueing Video